Japan’s telecom giant IPS has announced a significant investment of P5.6 billion ($100 million) for a secure international gateway connecting the Philippines to the global network. The announcement was made by Secretary Ivan John D. Uy of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) during a signing ceremony in Tokyo.

The new telecom connection will bypass the politically tense South China Sea and instead run along the Philippines’ eastern seaboard on the Pacific Ocean. In addition, DICT is discussing a potential Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with IPS partner Infinivan to expedite the National Broadband Plan. IPS has also offered to provide secure new equipment to address concerns about unsecured products entering the Philippine market. This collaboration is seen as a significant step in bolstering secure and modern connectivity solutions, adhering to internationally-recognized best practices in cybersecurity.

IPS CEO Koji Miyashita affirmed Japan’s commitment to providing infinite, high-quality connectivity to the Philippines and the global network. The project has also caught the attention of the European Union, which is exploring alternative digital connectivity routes to secure European digital assets. This collaboration highlights Japan’s growing technological partnership with the Philippines while offering an alternative route for global connectivity.


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