In a recent exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, it was revealed that Filipinos have made significant contributions to various fields, debunking the myth that they only invented the fluorescent lamp, Moon Buggy, and yoyo. Here are five Filipino inventions that have made an impact:

1. Game of the Generals: In 1970, Sofronio “Ronnie” H. Pasola Jr. created the educational war game “Salpakan,” which later became known as “Game of the Generals.” This board game paved the way for the popularity of video games, testing military-like skills with cumulative moves.

2. Floral Architecture: Gualberto “Rachy” Cuna is considered the country’s only floral architect, transforming floral arrangements into an art form and elevating the decor of special occasions.

3. Safe Abaca Fiber-Extracting Machine: The Department of Science and Technology – Forest Products Research and Development Institute developed a machine to safely extract abaca fiber, increasing production and exploring new uses for the material.

4. Permacane Technology: Eduardo Yrezabal invented the Permacane technology for cladding furniture and architectural elements, utilizing rattan efficiently and addressing the dwindling supply of the material in the country.

5. Pinyapel: Developed by the Design Center of the Philippines, Pinyapel is a treeless paper made from discarded pineapple leaves, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional paper production and plastic waste.

These inventions highlight the innovative spirit and creativity of Filipinos, showcasing their contributions to various industries and sectors.


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