Eken Camera Doorbells Found to Have Major Vulnerabilities, Allowing Unauthorized Access

Consumer Reports researchers have uncovered serious vulnerabilities in camera doorbells produced by the Chinese company Eken Group Ltd. These doorbells, sold under the brands EKEN and Tuck, are available through major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Shein, Sears, and Temu.

The security flaws identified by the researchers could potentially allow malicious individuals to access the devices’ footage or even take control of them. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, attackers could create an account on the app associated with the doorbells and pair a nearby device to gain unauthorized access.

It was discovered that at least 10 other similar video doorbells, sold under different brand names, are also affected by these security issues. These devices all operate through the same mobile app, Aiwit, which is owned by Eken.

In response to these findings, some online marketplaces, including Walmart, have removed the flawed products from their listings and are offering refunds to customers who purchased them. However, EKEN Smart Video Doorbell Camera Wireless devices are still available on Amazon at the time of writing.

The lack of visible FCC IDs on some of these doorbells raises concerns about their compliance with U.S. regulations. This poses potential risks to owners, such as surveillance from stalkers or abusive partners.

Justin Brookman, director of technology policy for Consumer Reports, emphasizes the importance of e-commerce platforms like Amazon taking more responsibility for the products they sell. He believes that more proactive measures are needed to vet sellers and address consumer complaints to prevent the distribution of faulty products.

The researchers urge consumers to be cautious when purchasing internet-connected devices, especially those from Chinese manufacturers, as the prevalence of insecure electronics in the market remains a significant concern.


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