The Associated Press (AP) has recently announced a partnership with OpenAI, allowing the AI firm to train its models on AP’s news articles. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for applying AI to AP’s products and services, while also providing OpenAI with valuable material to enhance its language models.

According to AP, they do not use generative AI to write news stories. However, this partnership reflects a growing trend among companies to leverage AI technology to improve operations and attract customers. While some worry that AI could replace jobs, others believe it can bring new opportunities.

The AP-OpenAI deal was officially announced on June 13, 2023, through a joint statement. OpenAI will license a portion of AP’s text archive, allowing them access to news stories dating back to 1995. In return, AP will benefit from OpenAI’s technology and expertise.

Nick Diakopoulos, a professor at Northwestern University, highlighted the importance of signing licensing deals to ensure legal access to necessary materials amidst potential court decisions. This partnership allows OpenAI to train its ChatGPT language model using AP’s extensive text archive and mitigates the risk of losing access due to legal complications.

However, OpenAI has faced scrutiny recently. The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating allegations that the company unfairly obtained data and potentially published false information through its chatbot. Book authors have also expressed concerns over the unauthorized use of their works for training AI systems.

Looking at the potential implications for journalism, there are concerns that AI could replace human journalists as chatbots become capable of generating articles within seconds. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shares these concerns, noting that humanity may struggle to adapt to such rapid technological shifts.

While AI-generated content could flood the internet, posing challenges in distinguishing fiction from truth and relying on unreliable sources, the Media Diversity Institute emphasizes the ongoing importance of journalists. Their critical thinking, storytelling skills, and ability to contextualize historical events ensure reliable information in the age of AI.

In conclusion, the partnership between the Associated Press and OpenAI provides opportunities for both organizations. AP gains access to OpenAI’s technology, while OpenAI can train its models on AP’s extensive archive. The implications for journalism underscore the ongoing value of journalists in ensuring reliable and contextualized news coverage, even in the face of advancing AI technology.


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