OpenAI, the creator of the popular AI program ChatGPT, has partnered with the American Journalism Project (AJP) to encourage news publications to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in their work. As part of this partnership, OpenAI has donated $5 million to support the AJP’s mission of strengthening local news outlets in the United States.

The collaboration aims to explore ways in which AI can support the local news field and enhance journalism without jeopardizing its quality. OpenAI’s funding will be used to develop an AI studio that will assess the use of AI in the local news industry, providing valuable insights and recommendations for the AJP’s portfolio organizations. Additionally, OpenAI will offer up to $5 million in API credits to the AJP and its portfolio organizations.

The CEO of the American Journalism Project, Sarabeth Berman, emphasized the importance of utilizing AI responsibly to preserve local journalism as a pillar of democracy. She stated, “With this partnership, we aim to promote ways for AI to enhance — rather than imperil — journalism.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also expressed his support for the AJP’s mission, stating, “We proudly support the American Journalism Project’s mission to strengthen our democracy by rebuilding the country’s local news sector.” He further highlighted the company’s belief that AI should benefit everyone and be used as a tool to enhance work.

This partnership with the AJP is not the only collaboration OpenAI has entered into. The company has also partnered with Shutterstock to enable the generation of AI-generated images for its subscribers. Additionally, OpenAI has worked with the Associated Press to train its AI models on news articles.

As AI continues to develop and play a larger role in various sectors, partnerships like these aim to ensure that AI is used responsibly and ethically to enhance journalism and support the vital work of news organizations. The collaboration between OpenAI and the AJP is a significant step towards leveraging AI technology for the benefit of journalism and the public’s access to reliable news.


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