Indian eCommerce company Dukaan’s CEO, Suumit Shah, has come under fire for replacing 90% of his customer support workers with an AI chatbot. Shah defended his decision, stating that it was necessary to improve the company’s performance. However, the move has sparked a debate about the potential impact of AI on the job market.

Shah claims that the AI chatbot has significantly reduced response time, improved resolution time, and lowered customer support costs. The CEO explained that the decision was driven by the company’s shift in focus from small and medium-sized businesses to direct-to-consumer brands. This change in strategy made live chat and call support less relevant, leading to the decision to automate those tasks.

While Shah believes that AI and humans can work together in the future, many people have criticized his decision. Some have accused him of being “heartless” and “tone-deaf” for laying off workers and replacing them with AI. The lack of empathy shown in Shah’s tweets announcing the layoffs has drawn particular ire from critics.

Despite the backlash, Shah maintains that Dukaan is still hiring for various roles in engineering, sales, and marketing. He also expressed interest in exploring the use of AI in fields such as data science, illustration, and graphic design.

The incident has highlighted the growing presence of AI in various industries and the need for individuals and businesses to adapt to the changing job market. As AI continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to understand how to leverage these tools effectively while considering the impact on their brand image.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with Shah’s decision, it is clear that artificial intelligence will play a significant role in shaping the future of work.


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