Stability AI, the creator of the popular AI image generator Stable Diffusion, has recently launched a new tool called Stable Doodle. This tool allows users to transform their doodles into real images in seconds. Whether you have little to no drawing skills or want to turn your kids’ sketches into realistic illustrations, Stable Doodle makes it possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

The website claims that Stable Doodle makes art more accessible by allowing people to draw beautiful pictures without any special skills. Additionally, it can handle mundane and repetitive tasks for artists, streamlining their work process. It is important for everyone to understand and harness the potential of tools like Stable Doodle to maximize their benefits in daily life.

Using Stable Doodle is incredibly easy. Similar to ChatGPT, the tool offers a free version with the option to upgrade to a monthly subscription for additional features. To use Stable Doodle, you simply need to go to and draw on the white box by pressing the left mouse button and dragging it. Once you’ve finished your doodle, click the “No Style” button to choose a visual theme or ignore it. Then, describe what you want your doodle to look like and click the “Generate” button. The website will load three versions of your request, and you can choose one to download a high-quality image.

While the free version of Stable Doodle has limitations on usage and image size, the Pro version removes these restrictions for a monthly fee of $7. Stability AI, the owner of Stable Doodle, explains that the tool is designed to be accessible to professionals and novices alike, regardless of their familiarity with AI tools. It enables anyone with basic drawing skills and online access to create high-quality original images in seconds.

Stable Doodle stands out among other sketch-to-image AI tools because it offers “precise” control over image generation. It utilizes the Stable Diffusion XL AI model and a “conditional control solution” called T2I-Adapter developed by Tencent’s Applied Research Center (ARC). This solution allows Stable Doodle to understand the outlines of sketches and generate images based on prompts combined with the outlines defined by the model, resulting in more accurate and customizable image generation.

The advancement of generative AI has been rapid, and Stable Doodle is another notable addition to the growing field. It has the potential to democratize AI image generation by making it more accessible to a wider audience. Traditional text-to-image conversion can be challenging due to language barriers and the need for precise articulation of desired images. Stable Doodle addresses these issues by allowing users to submit rough sketches that tap into human intuition and creative expression. This technology could greatly enhance the productivity of artists, enabling them to train AI models and generate storyboards or rough drafts for their projects, ultimately boosting efficiency while maintaining artistic livelihoods.

In conclusion, Stability AI’s launch of Stable Doodle represents a significant development in AI image generation. By allowing users to create realistic images from simple drawings, it makes text-to-image tools more accessible and could become an essential tool for artists as AI continues to gain popularity worldwide. However, it is crucial for nations to establish regulations that protect intellectual property and ensure fair compensation for artists.


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