Wilmington City, Delaware, has teamed up with Drone Workforce Solutions Drone School to offer drone lessons for teenagers. The partnership aims to provide a 16-week course on operating remote-controlled flying machines. Ian Smith, the director of Wilmington Parks and Recreation, believes that these lessons can create job opportunities for high school students.

Contrary to popular belief, drones are not just toys for children. These unmanned aerial vehicles have become increasingly important in various industries, including filmmaking, shipping, and farming. As the world continues to adapt to new technologies, learning about drones could lead to better career prospects for both individuals and their children.

The drone lessons in Wilmington City are being provided by Drone Workforce Solutions Drone School. The course is divided into a 16-week training program and a four-week virtual reality class. The training program focuses on basic drone operation and related technologies and will take place at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce on Justison Street. The virtual reality class uses cutting-edge technology to simulate different environments for training and will be held at the Williams “Hicks” Anderson Community Center on North Madison Street. This virtual training allows students to practice flying drones without the risk of damaging equipment.

The drone lessons will begin on October 23, 2023, and will be held every Saturday. The city of Wilmington will also provide scholarships to 11th and 12th-grade students to help cover the cost of lessons and equipment. Additionally, the Parks and Recreation Department will provide transportation to and from the classes and offer lunch. However, only ten teenagers will be selected to participate in the program.

Ian Smith, the director of Wilmington Parks and Recreation, believes that these drone lessons can open up new career opportunities for students. He acknowledges that the cost of entry into the industry is often too high for young people, and this program aims to give them access and knowledge to pursue careers in the drone industry. Smith emphasized that understanding the drone industry can lead to various business opportunities, either as private business owners or as employees in companies that utilize drones extensively. He also highlighted the value of the virtual reality courses, which allow students to test fly drones in realistic scenarios. Completing the courses will provide students with a six-to-12-week paid internship and the opportunity to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam to become licensed drone pilots.

Drones have evolved from simple flying cameras into highly versatile tools. They are widely used in different fields, such as the military, filmmaking, agriculture, wildlife conservation, and even package delivery. In the military, drones are used to scout battlefields, ensuring the safety of soldiers. They are also deployed to disaster areas before human rescuers to locate stranded individuals quickly. In agriculture, drones equipped with artificial intelligence are employed to monitor fields, plant crops, and even harvest them. Wildlife conservationists use drones to survey forests for endangered species and protect them from poachers. Companies like Amazon are also testing drone delivery systems, and soon, receiving packages from the skies may become a common occurrence.

Overall, Wilmington City’s drone lessons for teenagers aim to provide them with valuable skills and knowledge for future careers. The program recognizes the increasing importance of drones in various industries and seeks to equip young people with the necessary training to thrive in a world centered around new technologies.


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