Google is set to upgrade its Google Assistant with generative AI, aiming to improve the virtual voice tool that is widely used by Android users. In an email obtained by Axios, the company mentioned that a portion of the team has already begun working on the upgrade, with a focus on mobile devices. However, the email also revealed that a small number of roles related to the development of artificial intelligence upgrades have been removed.

This move by Google comes as Apple users have Siri and Amazon fans have Alexa, and Google wants to ensure its Assistant remains competitive in the market. With the potential application of generative AI to its program, millions of mobile phone users, especially those who do not use Amazon or Apple products, could see significant changes in how they utilize their devices.

The email obtained by Axios also revealed Google’s long-term objectives for its Assistant app, stating that the company sees the potential for generative AI to transform people’s lives and is exploring what a “supercharged” Assistant powered by the latest LLM technology would look like.

In addition to the Google Assistant upgrade, Google has been actively developing other artificial intelligence projects. One of these projects involves enhancing its search engine by replacing the traditional “10 blue links” design with AI cards. These cards will compile information from the top search results and provide a summary and answer immediately. Google has also incorporated AI features into its Lens app, enabling users to check skin conditions by taking pictures. Moreover, the company has teased several other AI projects, including a video summarization tool, an AI-powered image generation studio called Maya, and a Shopping Try-on feature that allows users to try on clothes digitally on YouTube.

While Google has not disclosed further details about the specific improvements it plans to make to its Assistant with generative AI, the company remains committed to its development and is optimistic about its future.


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