The Stratbase Institute, in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Manila, has organized a two-day conference called “Fortifying Cyber Cooperation Towards Digital Security,” marking the first major cybersecurity conference of 2024 in the Philippines. The event aims to address digital security challenges and enhance cybersecurity in the country. Dindo Manhit, President of Stratbase, emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach to cybersecurity in light of the digital transformation.

The conference delved into the current cybersecurity landscape of the Philippines, addressing policies, strategies, and sector-specific cyber issues. Key officials, including National Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines David Hartman, were in attendance, with Secretary Teodoro delivering a keynote address highlighting the country’s cybersecurity challenges and strategies.

The conference serves as a platform for initiating change and action towards a digitally secure Philippines, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and strategic alliances in cybersecurity.


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