Scam Watch Pilipinas praises the proactive approach of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) in monitoring app performances to enhance the digital experience of Filipino consumers.

The CICC has announced that it will now inform the public when a consumer application is not performing well, as this can negatively impact the digital experience of Filipino consumers. This decision was made after the agency’s Consumer Application Monitoring System (CAMS) detected multiple failed attempts to send videos and file transfers using the Viber platform on September 26, 2023.

The CICC advisory stated, “We have identified continuous failed attempts to send videos and file transfers through the Viber system in various cities covered by the CAMS platform, both domestically and internationally, starting from 10 am today. However, messaging and voice calls have been successful on the Viber platform.”

This advisory was released less than two weeks after the official launch of CAMS by the CICC, which aims to monitor online applications to ensure consumer protection. CICC Executive Director Alexander K. Ramos expressed his satisfaction with CAMS, stating that the detection of issues with Viber proves its effectiveness. Ramos further emphasized that CAMS will continue monitoring popular apps to ensure that consumers receive their money’s worth.

The CICC is currently monitoring the performance of various consumer apps, including e-wallets, digital banks, e-commerce platforms, social media, and messaging apps. Ramos clarified that their objective is not to criticize or support any particular app, but rather to educate the public and provide them with options.

Jocel de Guzman, co-founder and co-lead convener of Consumer Advocacy Group Scam Watch Pilipinas, has commended the CICC for safeguarding the digital experience of Filipinos through their monitoring efforts. De Guzman hopes that companies with digital platforms will improve their customer experience in response to the CICC’s actions, citing the inconvenience caused by system maintenance during payday for many banks.


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