The notorious ALPHV ransomware group, also known as the Black Cat hacker collective, has unveiled its latest list of victims. In their most recent targeted attacks, three new entities have been compromised: Clarion, Phil-Data Business Systems Inc, and MNGI Digestive Health. What makes this campaign unique is the selection of these companies and the distinct perspective brought by the ALPHV ransomware group.

Furthermore, the ALPHV ransomware group has exhibited a higher level of adaptability by utilizing state-of-the-art techniques in their attacks.

Despite these advancements, the ALPHV ransomware group continues to employ their fundamental modus operandi for cyber claims. They take responsibility for their attacks through their preferred communication channels.

Clarion, the initial target, was singled out by the threat actor for possessing “dangerous electronics” that can lead to hacking. The attack on Phil-Data Business Systems Inc. involved a more dire message, stating that critical data has been exfiltrated and providing access to client companies and their proprietary data. However, the veracity of these statements remains unverified.

The Cyber Express attempted to contact the affected companies but faced technical complications and communication hurdles, leaving the details of the cyber attack in a state of uncertainty. Additionally, the victimized companies have refrained from issuing updates or breach notifications.

The ALPHV ransomware group has expanded its tactics by pressuring victims to pay a ransom and providing an API for their leak site to amplify the visibility of their attacks. The group’s infamy precedes them, with previous attacks linked to the MGM Resorts hack.

It’s worth noting that this report is based on internal and external research and should be used for reference purposes only. Users are responsible for their reliance on this information, and The Cyber Express assumes no liability for its accuracy or consequences.


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