Intel India President and Vice President CCG for Sustainability Strategy, Gokul V Subramaniam, spoke at a recent panel discussion for COP28, the world’s largest environmental gathering, about the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on sustainability. He explained that AI can help in building more sustainable products by intelligently managing power and energy efficiency. Additionally, Intel is working with Microsoft to determine the right AI workload that is low in energy demand and high in performance.

Subramaniam emphasized that AI is used within the company to reduce production time and improve product quality, leading to lower electricity usage and emissions. He also highlighted the various ways in which AI is utilized in Intel’s products, such as in PC battery life management and microchip engineering.

While recognizing the benefits of AI, Subramaniam also discussed the challenges it presents, particularly in terms of privacy and access. He pointed out the potential for AI to enhance computers and provide virtual power without space constraints.

The discussion on AI’s impact on sustainability was part of a series of coverage from COP28, which was hosted by Acer. The content was produced solely by following editorial guidelines.


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