The latest and highly anticipated features of iOS 17 are set to revolutionize the user experience. Apple is gearing up to unveil the new iPhones in September, and in conjunction with this, the iOS 17 public beta has become much more stable since its initial release a few months ago. This means that users who are eager to explore iOS 17 can now do so with greater confidence.

However, it is important to note that iOS 17 is still in its beta phase, so it is recommended to back up your data as a precautionary measure.

So what can users expect from iOS 17? StandBy Mode is a standout feature that transforms your iPhone into a clock when it’s placed in landscape mode while charging on a magnetic wireless stand. Apple is particularly proud of this feature and has added fully customizable watch faces, with more expected to be released upon the official launch of iOS 17.

Contact Posters introduces a fun element, allowing users to personalize their contacts, including themselves. Users can customize the font, photo, and background, and even exchange Contact Posters wirelessly with other iOS 17 users via NameDrop.

The announcement of Personal Voice caused quite a stir, as Apple aims to replicate your voice based on collected voice data. Although it may not be an exact replica, it will be similar enough to provide a sense of familiarity. Apple explains that this feature is especially valuable for individuals who may lose their voice in the future due to various reasons.

In an effort to enhance user convenience and save battery and data, Apple Maps now offers offline capabilities. Although Apple Maps may not be widely used in many countries, having the option to access offline maps can prove to be quite useful.

With the iKeychain Vault upgrades, iOS 17 introduces password sharing, allowing seamless sharing of passwords with trusted contacts. This feature finally provides a solution for those instances when someone asks for your Wi-Fi password, which is easy to forget.

In terms of security, iOS 17 automatically deletes messages containing 2FA codes, reducing clutter and preventing unauthorized access to these codes.

Adaptive Audio is another exciting addition to iOS 17, providing an enhanced audio experience for users with Apple AirPods Pro 2. This feature includes Adaptive Noise Control, which allows users to adjust the outside noise they can hear, Conversation Awareness, which lowers the volume of media when the user is speaking, and Personalized Volume, which adjusts the volume of media based on user preferences.

These features only scratch the surface of what iOS 17 has to offer. More features are expected to be revealed alongside the announcement of the iPhone 15 series. Users can try out the iOS 17 beta by visiting the Apple website, with compatibility extending to the iPhone Xs and above, including the 2nd generation iPhone SE.


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