Beko showcased its strong commitment to sustainability at the IFA technology conference. They introduced a new energy-saving technology and emphasized the importance of making small changes for a big impact. This philosophy guides Beko’s product strategy and innovation.

One of Beko’s exciting innovations is the EnergySpin technology, which revolutionizes traditional washing habits. By utilizing faster drum speeds, the detergent’s dissolving process speeds up without excessive heat. This results in up to 35% less energy consumption compared to conventional washing machines, while maintaining excellent cleaning performance.

Beko aims to integrate energy-saving features into their appliances’ most used settings, including popular wash cycles such as “Eco Program,” “Cottons,” and “ColdWash.” This commitment to environmental sustainability is part of Beko’s mission to promote sustainable living and ensure their products last longer.

In line with this mission, Beko Philippines offers energy-saving laundry appliances to empower Filipino consumers in leading a sustainable lifestyle.

At the IFA 2023, Beko introduced the “positive domino effect” through an engaging experience called “DOMINO: The Little One.” This free-to-play video game educates consumers about the impact of their choices in a fantasy world devastated by climate change. Players can experience the positive effects of incremental actions necessary to survive in the game.

The game will be available on Steam, App Store, and Google Play this winter. Beko’s EnergySpin technology will revolutionize laundry practices and contribute to a more sustainable future when it hits the market by the end of 2023.


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