Immerse yourself in a cutting-edge blend of style and ingenuity at the inaugural event of the Philippine Blockchain Week. Witness the groundbreaking Metaverse Fashion Gala, presented by world-renowned Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco. This unprecedented collaboration between fashion and technology will redefine creativity and innovation at the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) on September 18. Join us at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts Manila, as Cinco takes fashion to new heights by transcending physical barriers and embracing the digital realm.

Cinco expresses his excitement, stating, “Fashion has always been about pushing boundaries, and right now, the biggest barrier lies in transitioning from the physical to the digital. I am thrilled to partner with PBW and cannot wait for everyone to witness our visionary plans.”

Cheska Gonzales, PBW convenor, highlights the partnership with Michael Cinco as a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology. This event not only showcases the limitless possibilities of blockchain but also demonstrates how it complements and enhances the work of creative professionals.

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The gala provides a unique experience for collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. Witness the convergence of reality and imagination as Cinco’s iconic pieces grace both real-life models and their virtual avatars, strutting down the runway in synchronized fashion. This fusion of the physical and virtual worlds brings fashion fantasies to life. Collectors will have the opportunity to purchase selected pieces through an exclusive pre-sale, offering both physical gowns and special edition digital collectibles.

Prior to the grand gala, PBW attendees can enjoy an exclusive exhibit featuring Michael Cinco’s masterpieces, displayed throughout the venue.

However, this event goes beyond glitz and glamour, as a portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to the World Wildlife Fund for the conservation of endangered species and the Global Reskilling Movement, a global initiative focused on providing better opportunities for youth.

Immerse yourself in the intersection of fashion and innovation. For more information, visit


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