Former world champion Magnus Carlsen and grandmaster Hans Niemann have finally settled the cheating scandal that shook the chess world last year. The controversy involved speculations, including memes about anal beads. and Carlsen reached a settlement with Niemann, who had sued them and Twitch streamer Hikaru Nakamura for defamation.

Niemann will be allowed to compete on the online chess platform again, and Carlsen has agreed to play him in future tournaments if they meet. Carlsen acknowledged’s report, stating that there is no conclusive evidence that Niemann cheated in their game. Initially, Carlsen’s remarks sparked the cheating scandal after losing to Niemann.

The accusations led to jokes and speculations, including the use of anal beads. However, there was never any evidence to support these claims or Niemann’s cheating. After a lawsuit, the federal judge dismissed Niemann’s case, and now the two parties have reached a mutual agreement. Niemann expressed his satisfaction with the resolution and looks forward to competing against Carlsen in chess rather than in court.


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