The University of Michigan has experienced a cybersecurity incident, leading to a shutdown of its systems and services just before classes were set to begin. This incident has caused widespread disruptions to online services, including Google, Canvas, Wolverine Access, and email.

The university, which is one of the oldest and largest educational institutions in the US, made the decision to disconnect from the internet in order to address the severity of the incident. While some services have been restored, their availability is unstable due to overload. The timing of the attack is particularly significant, occurring right before the start of the academic year. As a result, the university has waived late registration or disenrollment fees for August.

Students will also receive special consideration for attendance and assignments due to the lack of access to online systems. Additionally, some financial aid payments and refunds may be delayed. The university is working with external cybersecurity experts and federal law enforcement to investigate the attack. It is worth noting that this incident follows a similar data theft attack on Michigan State University three weeks prior.

For more information and updates on class schedules and locations, students are advised to visit the university’s website.


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