An Acer executive has discussed the potential rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a superpower during the world’s largest gathering of environmental activists in Dubai, the COP28. Jerry Kao, Acer’s Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the power of knowledge and the potential for AI to be harnessed in the development of products.

Acer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Chen, highlighted the company’s use of AI in their mobility products, such as e-bikes equipped with Google Maps that utilize AI to calculate battery usage. Additionally, he mentioned the use of AI in their medical diagnostic machines, particularly in screening X-rays to detect lung problems.

Chen also addressed the challenges associated with AI, particularly in the consumption of electricity and thermal power, stating that Acer is working on thermal technology to reduce the power required by AI.

Despite the current challenges, Kao expressed confidence that the future would bring solutions to effectively manage AI and harness its potential for the benefit of society. The tour to COP28 was hosted by Acer, with producing the content independently based on editorial guidelines.


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