JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure continues to captivate audiences with its unique style and eccentric characters. The anime series, known for its otherworldly stand powers and musical references, has established itself as one of the most stylish and outlandish shows in the medium. However, not all of the JoJo protagonists are equally compelling. In this article, we will rank the protagonists based on their personalities and how well they engage viewers.

At number six, we have Giorno Giovanna. While Giorno possesses the most powerful stand in the series, his character fails to leave a lasting impression. As the son of both Dio and Jonathan Joestar, Giorno struggles to step out of the shadow cast by his “Jo-bro” Bruno Bucciarati, who steals the spotlight in Golden Wind. Although Giorno offers iconic moments and stands against drug peddlers, he lacks the personal depth to truly shine among the colorful Passione characters.

Next, we have Jonathan Joestar at number five. As the progenitor of the Joestar bloodline, Jonathan embodies virtue and selflessness. His journey to avenge his father’s death takes him through challenging situations, where his noble character disarms enemies, leading them to offer their support. Despite his importance as the first JoJo, Jonathan’s selflessness can be overshadowed by the more flamboyant personality of his descendants.

Taking the fourth spot is Jotaro Kujo. Known for his stoicism and tough-guy persona, Jotaro is often seen as the series’ straight man. His ability to overcome any outlandish situation with his practicality and calm demeanor has made him a fan favorite. Jotaro’s progression throughout the series, from a 17-year-old protagonist to a mentor and father figure, offers a glimpse into his growth as a character. Uncovering his defense mechanism and reliance on allies for one-liners adds an intriguing layer to his personality.

Joseph Joestar secures the third position. Joseph’s incredible luck and cunning strategies consistently allow him to triumph over opponents. Unlike his more honorable predecessors, Joseph doesn’t shy away from bending the rules and taking risks to achieve victory. His unorthodox approach and cheater mentality make him an exciting and unpredictable protagonist, keeping viewers on their toes.

In second place, we have Jolyne Cujoh. Jolyne’s determination and tactical mindset illustrate the qualities every JoJo protagonist aspires to possess. Falsely incarcerated by her ex-boyfriend, Jolyne fights against super-powered inmates while maintaining an unwavering hope for a better future. Her resilience and unwavering fight for justice showcase her strength as a character. Jolyne’s willingness to sacrifice herself for her companions further highlights her admirable qualities.

Finally, in the top spot, we have Josuke Higashikata. Josuke’s blend of noble actions, power, and relatability make him the most compelling JoJo protagonist. He possesses a healing stand but isn’t above pulling tricks or resorting to violence when necessary. Josuke’s genuine kindness, contrasted with his delinquent appearance, adds depth to his character. His ability to approach problems with intelligence and creativity sets him apart from other Joestars.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure stands the test of time due to its charismatic protagonists and imaginative storytelling. Each JoJo brings a unique flavor to the series, with Josuke Higashikata leading the pack as the most relatable and well-rounded character. As the anime continues to introduce new arcs and characters, fans eagerly anticipate the next unconventional adventure that awaits them in this stylish and outlandish world.


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