Major Mississippi health system Singing River Health System (SRHS) has taken down numerous internal systems following a cyberattack last week, according to cybersecurity firm Recorded Future’s news site, The Record.

In response to the detection of unusual network activity, SRHS shut down certain internal systems. However, the health system has implemented workarounds to ensure that business operations can continue partially while offline systems are being restored.

“Our IT security team is working around the clock, but due to the nature of this matter, this will take some time,” said SRHS.

Despite this, the health system spokesperson provided no further details about the cyberattack. They only noted that all SRHS systems have been taken offline.

This incident is occurring amidst a growing number of attacks against the healthcare sector. These attacks have prompted the Department of Health and Human Services to launch a new project called Digiheals. The project aims to enhance cybersecurity technologies in healthcare.

“Currently, off-the-shelf software tools fall short in detecting emerging cyber threats and protecting our medical facilities, resulting in a technical gap we seek to bridge with this initiative,” explained Dr. Renee Wegrzyn, the Director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health.


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