Apple has recently filed a patent for a smartphone with a rollable display, hinting at the possibility of a rollable iPhone in the future. The patent was filed in November 2022 and was published on July 13, 2023, according to Mashable.

Unlike current iPhone models that have seen minimal changes in their overall design, a rollable iPhone would offer a unique feature. The device could be rolled up like a sheet of paper for easy storage, providing a new level of portability.

The patent describes the proposed electronic device having a display that can be moved between an unrolled state, where the display is planar, and a rolled state for storage. The rollable portion of the display would utilize a “locally thinned” glass layer to ensure durability and prevent damage when the display is bent.

While other companies have released concept designs for rollable phones, no final products have been released yet. One of the biggest challenges in creating a rollable device is developing a flexible screen that can withstand multiple folds and rolls without breaking. Additionally, rollable screens may have minuscule gaps that could allow water and dust to enter.

It is expected that a rollable iPhone would come with a hefty price tag. Similar to foldable devices, the multiple components and mechanisms required for the rolling function would likely contribute to the device’s high cost.

In addition to the rollable iPhone, Apple has also been rumored to be working on a foldable device, with experts speculating a release in 2024. The company recently announced its “first spatial computer,” the Apple Vision Pro, which is a mixed-reality headset. This headset would allow users to utilize VR technology for everyday tasks, such as using virtual reality as a mobile office.

As of now, Apple has not made any official announcements regarding the rollable iPhone or the possibility of its release. The company has yet to comment on the patent or provide further details about the device.

Overall, the patent filing has sparked interest and speculation about the future of iPhone designs and innovations. Consumers eagerly await more information and updates on the rollable iPhone concept.


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