In Armored Core VI, one of the main goals is to earn money in order to unlock new weapons and mech parts. Players have discovered a fast and efficient way to do this by repeatedly killing a rookie test pilot in a mission called “Destroy the Tester AC.” This mission takes place in the Contaminated City of Southern Belius, where players locate and eliminate an enemy Armored Core. Completing this mission rewards players with 95,000 credits, making it an ideal method for quickly farming cash. Unlike other missions in the game that involve challenging enemies and complex objectives, the tester AC mission is relatively easy and can be completed in just 30 seconds to a minute.

The unfortunate pilot narrates the battle and expresses his determination to succeed despite being clearly overmatched. Players have now killed him countless times in order to amass a large amount of money, which they use to purchase powerful weapons. The Armored Core community has embraced this bizarre phenomenon, sharing tips on how to efficiently complete the mission and creating memes to commemorate the sacrificed pilot. His final words, expressing his desire for a unique callsign, have resonated with fans, who have affectionately given him the name “Yamcha.”

Overall, this strange and comical game mechanic has captivated players and added an unexpected layer of depth to the game.


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