Kingston Technology has announced that it has been ranked as the top third-party DRAM module supplier in the world, according to analyst firm TrendForce. With an estimated 78.12% market share and $13.5B (USD) revenue, Kingston retains its number 1 position. Although the industry saw a 4.6% YoY decline in DRAM module sales in 2022, Kingston’s revenue showed a slight decrease but it maintained its position as the global leader for the 20th consecutive year.

According to the report, Kingston accounted for 78.12% of total sales in 2022, maintaining its dominant market share. Despite consumer buying trends being affected by high inflation, Kingston’s strong brand scale and comprehensive product supply chain helped limit its decline and keep it at the top of the market share rankings.

In 2022, Kingston introduced white heat spreaders for its award-winning line of Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules, offering users the option to choose the color that suits their style. This allows Kingston to cater to both traditional all-black systems and the growing trend of all-white PCs.

“The 2022 findings from TrendForce reflect the company’s expansion and adaptability in the face of another challenging year,” said Kingston. “This milestone not only reaffirms Kingston’s dominant presence in the market but also highlights its resilience and significance within the industry, as we proudly maintain our top position for the 20th consecutive year.”


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