As kids start using smartphones and tablets at a young age, it’s crucial for parents to be aware of the latest online threats that could impact their children. Kaspersky experts have identified key online safety risks for kids and are sharing tips for parents to keep their children safe online. This is important for ensuring a secure online experience for kids.

Some of the significant online threats for kids include the increased use of AI tools that are not prepared to provide adequate cybersecurity and age-appropriate content. There is also a growing concern about malicious actors targeting young gamers and the rise of FinTech industry threats for kids. In addition, smart home security risks and children’s desire to download unavailable apps are areas of concern.

Teaching children the basics of cybersecurity from an early age and educating them about potential online dangers is essential. Kaspersky emphasizes the importance of proactive measures by parents to protect their children from online threats. They recommend staying informed about cybersecurity risks, actively monitoring children’s internet usage, and implementing strict safety guidelines. Kaspersky has also introduced the “Kaspersky Cybersecurity Alphabet,” a resource for educating children about cyber hygiene and threat avoidance. Additionally, Kaspersky offers the “Safe Kids” digital parenting app to enhance child safety in the digital realm.


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