The footprints towards a financially successful future are actually quite simple and vibrant to understand and implement in real life.  It’s very important to look at the big picture and start building such habits that can help an individual to create some better financial choices that can lead to a better financial future.

The steps you need to follow are described below briefly:

Never spend all the money you earn

Instead, save the 50% of the amount you earn or at least 20%, keep saving that amount monthly, never touch the 20% amount unless there is an extreme emergency. Keep saving for a month and then invest the saved amount after a year into some great companies that you are optimistic about getting profitable results.

Re-invest the profits

The money will come from the investments, the key is to not spend the money on useless things but to re-invest that amount wisely. Learn some investing techniques or hire a coach to learn investing techniques and tools to invest wisely.

Buy Stocks intelligently and patiently, buy a stock, hold onto it for some time and sell at the right time for great profits.

Also, never spend money on luxury things that can be a liability on you, unless you are an Oil Billionaire who has a lavish huge amount of money to spend on expensive toys.

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