Blockchain Technology is taking over the world. This technology is able to support the various cryptocurrencies that are available in the market today. This technology is changing the financial services sector in various ways. It is fully transforming this technology to make the transaction process in this sector much easier and faster. The blockchain technology was mainly created to help and ensure more secure transactions. It hence makes it possible for people to trade using other currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How technology is changing the financial services sector:

1. Easier transfers
The reason as to why various banks are venturing into the blockchain technology is that it makes the transfer of money very easy. With technology, one can transfer money to another country faster and more easily. With this technology, it is also easier for one to send large amounts of money very easily.

2. Cheap
It is also cheaper for one to send money using cryptocurrencies. With normal bank transfers, one has to pay a certain amount of money to transfer funds. The number of fees payable increases as the amount of money that one is sending increases. However, this technology has made it possible for some cryptocurrencies that are cheaper to reduce the burden that one goes through when sending money. The fees charged when using this technology are much lower and are most likely to continue reducing due to the competition between different cryptocurrencies.

3. Easier record keeping
This technology has also made it very easy for persons and banks to store their customer information as well as their transactions. With this technology, the data of customers within various platforms can be unified to make one database where the customer information can be stored. This will make it easier for banks and other financial service providers to retrieve information whenever it is needed.

4. Reduce fraud
The blockchain technology also created a very secure platform. When one is sending money using this technology, the money is likely to be safer than when one is sending money using other means. This is because customer identities are well protected using the technology and accessing one’s e-wallet is very impossible.

5. Creating a money-making opportunities
One of the ways that the blockchain technology is transforming the business sector is that it is also a business in itself. The various cryptocurrencies that are traded using this technology are a very big investment in recent days. People invest in crypto while speculating that the prices of these are going to rise and hence they can reap a profit from the same. This helps to create a very good avenue where people can earn revenue streams which helps to grow the entire financial services sector.

The blockchain technology has been a reason for debate on whether it will negatively or positively improve the banking sector as well as businesses. This technology will most likely do more good as it will help to transform how the sector is operating without disrupting it.


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