Procrastination isn’t a problem you can fix overnight. It’s like learning to ride a bike: it takes a lot of practice. But if you regularly deal with procrastination, it’s worth taking the time now to start working toward eliminating it. If you’re constantly giving in to procrastination, here are some tips to help you overcome it.

1. Hack Your Dopamine

When you get work done, reward yourself:

• Enjoy a snack
• Go on social media
• Play your favorite video game

This will trigger your dopamine and make your brain associate positive feelings with work.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Distractions can destroy focus:

• Turn off notifications
• Save social media for after deep work
• If you have an iPhone, turn on Focus Mode in the settings

There are unlimited distractions and limited focus.

Protect yours.

3. Prioritize

Not all tasks are equal.

Some tasks are busy work, others are productive work.

1. Grab a pen and paper
2. List out the lever-moving tasks
3. Work on those, ignore the rest

What you work on is more important than how you work.

4. Plan Your Day

• Determine the tasks that move the needle
• Schedule them into your day
• Block out everything else

Softwares you can use to help with this:

• Todoist
• TickTick
• Things 3
• Google Calendar

Use tech, don’t let it use you.

5. Set Deadlines

If you set a deadline for 8 hours, it’ll take 8 hours.

If you set a deadline for 4 hours, it’ll take 4 hours.

Challenge yourself and set deadlines sooner than you think you can do it.

You’ll focus 2x easier and get more work done than you thought possible.

6. Give Yourself Breaks

You’re a human, not a robot.

Giving yourself breaks keeps your mind fresh and more productive.

After every 2 hours, give yourself a 20 minute break.

• Take a nap
• Go on a walk
• Have a snack

When you return to work you’ll be ready to go.

7. Find Your Focus

Not everyone can multitask effectively.

If your brain isn’t designed to do multiple tasks at once…

It’s better to do one thing at 100% than 5 things at 20%.

Focus on 1 and you’ll get 10x returns.

8. Use Systems

Systemizing will save you a ton of mental energy:

• Hire a virtual assistant to delegate tasks
• Use a software like Zapier for repetitive tasks
• Use subscription services for items you buy regularly

Save your focus for important tasks.


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