Financial literacy defined

“A conscious knowledge of financial, debt and credit management and basic skills to manage your financial procedures.”

Why is it important?

Having a financial literacy can help you make smart financial decisions in everyday life processes. Financial literacy can help individuals to maintain their financial situation at a standard level. It will help them to narrow down the choices they make on spending and buying in daily lives. Moreover, financial literacy is the key through which an individual will be able to track his/her accounts processes, understand what debit and credit means, understand what are liabilities and assets, so he/she can stay out of debt and prosper to create a secure financial life. Only a financially literate person can be able to become financially independent.

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Lack of financial knowledge is not only a problem in various underdeveloped countries’ economies, also in developed economies, most of the people can’t demonstrate they have real financial literacy, they lack in working over the obligatory principles of financial instruments and entities.

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Now, is the time that every individual living in any economic state of a country, must learn the basic principle of dealing with financial materials so that he/she can prosper in their future.