Google offers a range of online programs, including IT support, cybersecurity, and digital marketing. These programs are part of Google’s initiative called Grow with Google, which aims to help people learn new skills and enhance their existing ones through online training. The initiative includes Google Career Certificates, Google Certifications, and Practical Professional Skills courses.

I personally recommend the certificate programs, as I have completed the IT support course and am now a certified Google IT Support Professional. I completed five courses in three months and have now enrolled in the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certification. I have successfully finished the first course in the series, called “Foundations of Cybersecurity.”

Google Career Certificates are flexible online training courses that prepare individuals for in-demand jobs in fields like digital marketing, IT support, data analysis, project management, UX design, and cybersecurity. These courses do not require prior experience or a degree and can be completed in three to six months. Upon completion, learners have access to job opportunities with Google and its hiring partners.

Google Certifications are online assessments that validate individuals’ skills and knowledge of Google platforms and products such as Google Cloud, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Android, TensorFlow, and Google Play. These certifications enhance resumes and promote career advancement.

Google for Education Certifications are online tests that demonstrate proficiency in using Google tools for teaching and learning, such as Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks. These certifications help educators improve their classroom practice and professional development.

Practical Professional Skills are free online courses that teach practical skills for career advancement, such as resume writing, digital collaboration, inclusive leadership, and feedback exchange. These interactive and engaging courses can be completed in less than an hour.

Grow with Google reflects Google’s commitment to providing access to digital skills necessary for success in today’s evolving economy. The initiative also offers scholarships and grants to underrepresented groups and non-profit organizations that support them. To learn more or sign up for these programs, visit the Grow with Google website.


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