Do you feel that the speed and effectiveness of SEO strategies are constantly changing? If yes, you aren’t alone. Google is getting powerful day by day and employs newer methods to provide search results for a better user experience. So, as a website owner, you should adapt to the changing algorithms to stay abreast of time. If you miss anything, you might get thrown out of the competition. Applying innovative marketing techniques is the name of the game.

Best SEO strategies for better results

When it comes to SEO and online marketing, most site owners stick to traditional techniques. Although conventional methods yield results, refining your strategies becomes imperative. You need to think out of the box to scale your website on top of search results amid competition. Here’s a list of the best strategies that work well for any site or blog.

Optimize your site for keywords

Keywords are the foundations of SEO rankings. They’re the first components of SEO because users type them in search engines to find their desired products or services. So, don’t ignore them at any point in your marketing strategy. Instead, try to revive your keyword strategy.

First of all, brainstorm trending and high-traffic keywords for your content. For instance, if you sell money-making programs, use search terms such as the best money-making program, easy money-making program, and so on. Here, money-making is your main keyword.

You may also want to use LSI (latent semantic index) keywords for improved search rankings. These are variations of your main search phrases. In the above example, your LSI keywords could be money-making made simple.’ The options are varied. A host of keyword tools to ease your legwork also exists.

After jotting down the desired search terms, try to incorporate them within the web content, copy, or posts intelligently. Maintain a density of 2 to 2.5 percent. Anything above or below this range is undesirable. Now, include the main keyword within the title, headings, URLs, and Meta tags of each post or copy that you write.

Add appealing but minimal graphics to each copy to ensure quick page loading. If you’re targeting local audiences, optimize your keywords by adding the location. For instance, if you want to sell diet pills in Washington, use keywords such as best weight loss pills Washington or quick diet pills Washington. If you optimize your copy with keywords properly, your site will likely come up in search results.

Go for voice optimization

Today, a substantial number of users surf the web through a Smartphone. According to an estimate, around 50 percent of users will explore the net with a cell phone in the next two years. So, it’s safe to assume that voice search is something you must factor into your SEO strategies.

People usually say whatever they want in voice search. For instance, if they want to buy diet pills, they’ll say diet pills shops near me. If you want to win these users, employ voice search keywords. That doesn’t mean you must ignore regular keywords. In the above example, you may use best diet pills Washington as your regular search term.

At the same time, you could use diet pills shops near me or diet pills outlets near me within your posts. A little bit of labor should resolve the issue. However, be sure that the keywords you embed align with the content. If you employ this SEO technique in the right perspective, you might grab the attention of voice search users too.

Make your site user-friendly

When it comes to SEO strategies, many site owners make their website search engine-friendly. Those sites rank higher but receive a higher bounce rate. Visitors move away after checking the website. Why? These sites aren’t optimized for users. Remember, SEO optimization brings your website on top of search results. However, it’s the users that buy your products, not search engines.

If users don’t find your content and site friendly, they’ll move away quickly. To avoid such a situation, optimize your website for end-users. First of all, organize the content properly. Have small paragraphs with proper headings in each post. Also, engage with readers and make them feel cared for. Try to solve the problems of users through your copy and invoke their attention.

Finally, add a call to action toward the end of each copy that leads readers to check your products. Additionally, include proper navigation links at the right spot on your website. Use appealing fonts and appropriate graphics to allure visitors to click those buttons. Above all, make it simple for users to find links and products. If you do the job well, you’ll enjoy much higher conversions.

Make a mobile-friendly site

More and more people explore the web using a mobile device. Around 75 percent of users own a Smartphone. For ease and convenience, people prefer mobile devices for shopping and chatting. Tapping the trend, Google and other search engines assign a plus point to mobile-friendly sites.

So, making your website mobile-optimized brings you dual benefits. First, your search rankings get enhanced. Secondly, you gain exposure to a maximum number of users. However, a mobile device has a small screen. Your site content and links should fit properly within the small screen. To do that, brainstorm mobile-friendly SEO strategies.

Formulate a suitable technique and implement it effectively. In addition to this, check your website on mobile devices. If you find anything missing, fix it on time. However, before you go for mobile optimization, be sure your website performs well on desktop too.

Don’t ignore technical SEO aspects

Site owners often overlook this simple but important point. You may have a lovely website with useful products, but it’ll under-perform if it isn’t technically sound. A slew of mistakes may keep your page from popping or loading. For instance, a broken link might lead to a 404 error. Fix this error by redirecting URLs. Besides this, check the site loading time. If your website loads slowly, find out the problem.

Most probably, flash and graphics keep a site from loading quickly. So, fortify the issue before it becomes serious. Above all, make certain that your entire website loads on HTTPS. In HTTPS, the “S” stands for security. Google and other search engines assign a higher value to sites with HTTPS and demote sites without security. Note this point and take necessary steps for betterment.

Use snippets

Snippets are content copies written in a question-answer form. So, why should you write snippets? Well, a substantial number of people seek answers to their queries. So, they type a question in any search engine for the required answer. Search giants have understood this trend and assign weight to snippet-form copies.

Remember, regular copies deliver the desired results. You must not miss them. However, mixing and matching your copies is one of the most promising SEO strategies. For instance, you may write a few copies in the regular content form. At the same time, you may want to post a few pieces in the snippet form. That should enhance the likelihood of traffic and subsequent conversions.

Social media promotion

Today, social networking websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have stormed the whole world. People use these sites for chatting and socializing. However, these websites have quickly become a hub of reliable information. Many users seek recommendations from online friends. So, having your presence on social media is essential. Also, link juices from social media add to your organic SEO rankings.

Create an attention-grabbing profile on each of these sites. Build a list of subscribers and followers on social media. Engage with them and try to solve their problems. Post micro-content with links pointing to your site. If your products/services are competitively priced and useful, you could steer tons of traffic through social media websites.

Build links

Back then, link building was one of the most effective SEO strategies to secure higher rankings. This point holds even today. However, building links is no longer a piece of cake, thanks to so many spam sites. If you get links from those sites, it’ll negatively impact your rankings. Beware of this fact when building links.

Also, the increasing competition makes the scenario worse. As a smart website owner, you need quality links from authoritative sites. So, have a pragmatic approach in this respect. Get as many high-quality links as possible. The higher the number of quality links, the higher the rankings will be. Just ensure you check the authority of the site or blog you’re getting links from.

Google maps listings

Listing in Google maps is an easy SEO technique to rank higher for local prospects. All you should do is verify your outlet’s physical store. It takes a couple of days for the job. Once verified, your website will come up in Google maps search results. You could drive tons of prospects through this simple marketing tactic.

Bottom line

Bagging a top slot in search rankings has become the most difficult task. You can’t predict when and how your rankings will slide down amid competition and changing search algorithms. It’s advisable to employ effective SEO strategies that will last long. Follow the above marketing techniques and implement them properly. Over time, you’ll see noticeable results even in a highly saturated market.


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