Paid tools are great of course, but there are a few tools that are super helpful and cost zero dollars.

1. Tool: Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

It shows you the ∼ search volume of the searched keyword + shows you the ∼ traffic a site is getting right in the SERPs.

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

2. Tool: QuestionDB

QuestionDB is not your typical keyword question tool. You input a broad KW and it spits out many relevant questions on the topic.

Great tool if you want to become an authority in a brand-new niche since a lot of those Qs are specific and have a low comp.


3. Tool: Keywordditt

Keyworddit is a nifty tool that pulls keyword ideas from Reddit.

Enter a subreddit and it shows you relevant Qs and KWs for your topic.


4. Tool: KeywordSheeter

Plug in your seed keyword and it’ll show keywords until you tell it to stop.

You need to use your brain with this tool and filter those lists yourself.


5. Tool: AlsoAsked

You only get 3 free searches a day but it’s still super valuable because it pulls from the “People Also Asked” section in google and visualizes it beautifully.

Plus, topics are expandable with a click and Geo targeting is super easy.



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