In 2022, the Philippines saw a significant jump in its creative economy, reaching P1.6 trillion. The country’s artists are now embracing phygital art, which combines traditional art with interactive digital elements. and Bitto, two acclaimed Filipino artists, have spearheaded this movement with their Agents of Peace and Love Phygital Art Collection in partnership with GCash and GCrypto.

At the launch event in Apotheka Makati, art enthusiasts and NFT collectors experienced the fusion of’s NFT music and Bitto’s Bittoverse artworks. The highlight of the event was an art auction featuring a unique canvas painting by Bitto and an original unreleased song by to benefit the Foundation.

The collaboration aims to elevate local talent onto the global stage and make premium art collaborations more accessible to Filipino creatives and collectors. The collection also incorporates blockchain technology to provide digital certificates of authentication for peace of mind for both artists and buyers. and Bitto both expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to support and provide opportunities to the youth in the Philippines through their art collaboration. has been a champion of the Filipino creative industry through Web3, while Bitto is known for his colorful and whimsical Bittoverse artworks.

Overall, their collaboration represents the intersection of technology and creativity, where colors, shapes, and emotions come alive in a groundbreaking new art form.


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