OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI program ChatGPT, recently announced that it is now allowing free users to access and customize instructions for the platform. This feature was previously only available to subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus plan, which costs $8 per month. With this update, users can optimize the program to better suit their individual needs.

ChatGPT, which is approaching its one-year anniversary, has already had a profound impact on various industries. Many people now use it to summarize work notes, check school assignments, and assist with other tasks. The addition of customized instructions makes the AI program even more convenient and versatile. The best part is that setting up these instructions only takes a few seconds.

To enable custom instructions for ChatGPT, users can follow a simple set of steps. For those accessing the platform on a PC, they need to log in to their OpenAI account at From there, they can click on the three dots next to their email address and select the “Custom Instructions” option. The same process can be done on the Android and iOS apps by opening the ChatGPT app, tapping the three-line button, selecting “Settings,” and then tapping “Custom Instructions.”

Once the custom instructions feature is accessed, users will be prompted to provide information on what they want ChatGPT to know about them to provide better responses, as well as how they would like ChatGPT to respond. It is recommended to be as specific as possible in these instructions and include relevant details. Users should also use an assertive tone and an active voice to make clear commands, rather than vague requests or suggestions. Providing examples for ChatGPT to reference can also improve its responses.

OpenAI has made customized instructions available to free users of ChatGPT, allowing them to personalize the AI program to their specific needs. The feature can be accessed on PCs, Android, and iOS devices. However, the effectiveness of the custom instructions depends on the clarity and specificity of the prompts provided by the users. By following the recommended tips and guidelines, users can make the most effective use of ChatGPT.


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