Prominent Job Placement Agency, Das Team Ag, Falls Victim to Cyberattack

Das Team Ag, a leading national job placement agency with 25 branches across Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, recently confirmed that they were targeted in a cyberattack by the notorious Black Basta ransomware group.

The attack, which focused on the company’s website, was acknowledged by Das Team Ag as they were listed as the victim on the data leak channel operated by the threat actor. In response to inquiries, the recruitment firm stated their commitment to “minimize the consequences for everyone involved as far as possible.”

Established for over three decades, Das Team Ag is known for its expertise in personnel placement across various sectors, including construction, technology, and pharmaceuticals.

While the Black Basta ransomware group claimed responsibility for the cyberattack, there is no concrete evidence or sample data regarding the breach. The organization has been contacted by The Cyber Express to gather more information on the attack and the perpetrators behind it.

In a statement to TCE, a spokesperson for Das Team Ag confirmed the incident and assured that they are working with external specialists to analyze leaked documents and minimize the impact on those affected. The recruitment firm is also collaborating with law enforcement on the matter.

Although details on the methodology used by the threat actors are scarce, it is believed that the Black Basta ransomware group may have targeted the website’s backend to access sensitive information such as financial records and personal data.

Cyberattacks on recruitment agencies have become increasingly common due to the valuable data they possess, from client and candidate information to financial records. Beyond tarnishing the brand reputation and eroding client trust, cyberattacks can have legal consequences, with affected individuals seeking recourse for the compromise of their personal data.

The emotional toll on those affected by privacy violations cannot be understated, fueling a climate of distrust that may deter future candidates from engaging with recruitment agencies.

Disclaimer: This report is based on internal and external research and should be used for reference purposes only. The Cyber Express bears no responsibility for the accuracy or consequences of relying on this information.


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