The personal records of over 750 million Indian citizens have been exposed in what is being hailed as the largest-ever breach of its kind, accounting for nearly half of the country’s 1.4 billion population. The breached data includes names, mobile numbers, addresses, and unique 12-digit Aadhaar card numbers. The compromised database contains security-sensitive information and has been compressed to 600GB from 1.8TB when uncompressed. The breach affects mobile network subscribers across multiple countries and poses significant privacy and data security concerns. The data has been put up for sale on the dark web by two different cybercrime groups at a price of $3,000. Users are advised to change passwords, be cautious of phishing, monitor accounts, and report suspicious activity to protect their information. CloudSEK, an Indian cybersecurity firm, has notified impacted parties and relevant authorities regarding the data breach.


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