Two prominent crypto platforms experienced security breaches this week, resulting in hackers stealing millions worth of cryptocurrency with unclear motives.

The first attack occurred on Tuesday evening, targeting the blockchain-based game Munchables. Security firms estimated that approximately $62 million in cryptocurrency was taken from the game. Speculation arose that the attackers could be linked to North Korea, known for using attacks on cryptocurrency platforms to generate revenue. However, the alleged developer behind the attack agreed to return the stolen funds without any conditions. The company confirmed that the funds, including $62,535,441.24 USD and 73 WETH, would be returned.

Following this incident, another hack took place on Thursday evening, this time targeting Prisma Finance, a popular decentralized finance platform. The hacker stole around $11.6 million but claimed it was a “white hat” hack, indicating the act was intended to raise awareness about the importance of thorough contract audits and developers’ responsibilities.

Neither company provided comments about the incidents, but both are working to investigate and return the stolen funds to users safely. The attacks came after a period of decreased theft involving cryptocurrency platforms. Recent reports suggest that many of these attacks over the years have been tied to North Korean hackers, with the government allegedly profiting about $3 billion from cyberattacks over a six-year period. The United Nations is currently investigating multiple cryptocurrency hacks from 2023 alone, totaling around $750 million in stolen funds.


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