The joyous celebration of Easter, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is once again upon us. For Christians and non-Christians alike, Easter symbolizes victory over sin and death, fulfilling prophecies and revealing God’s plan of salvation. Archbishop Charles John Brown, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, highlighted the significance of the cross during Good Friday reflections.

Traditionally, Easter encompasses various symbols and traditions such as the Easter cross, Easter baskets, and Easter eggs. The cross draped in colors represents different stages of Lent and Easter, while Easter baskets symbolize joy and thanksgiving through a variety of foods. Eggs, forbidden during Lent in the past, now symbolize Christ’s resurrection and new life.

Countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Germany have unique Easter egg traditions, showcasing intricate designs and symbolic meanings. The Easter lamb, representing sacrifice and freedom, holds significance in Easter celebrations as well. Above all, attending Holy Mass remains a central part of Easter observance.

As Pope Francis and Archbishop Charles John Brown lead Easter masses, individuals are encouraged to partake in the traditions that resonate with their faith and values. Whether it’s decorating Easter eggs or sharing a meal with loved ones, the spirit of Easter calls for reflection, renewal, and gratitude. Happy Easter to all, may the resurrection of Christ inspire a renewed life in the spirit of love and compassion.


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