Nicki Minaj Operator Skin Takes Call of Duty: Warzone by Storm

In an exciting update for gaming and music fans alike, Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II have recently welcomed the long-awaited addition of a Nicki Minaj operator skin. The news comes a month after the announcement, and the response from fans has been overwhelming.

As part of Activision’s 50th anniversary of hip-hop promotion, the Nicki Minaj cosmetic bundle includes two bubblegum-pink weapons, an assault rifle and a shotgun, that shoot pink paint splatters. In addition, it features an animated player icon depicting an ice cream cone transforming into Nicki’s face, a player banner, gun badge, pink truck skin, and, of course, the iconic figure herself. The operator skin stands out with Nicki wearing a head-to-toe metallic pink catsuit, a long pink wig, and six-inch heels.

Warzone players who are also fans of Nicki Minaj have eagerly embraced her addition to the game. Many took to social media to share their excitement, posting reaction clips and videos of the bombastic character in action. One popular clip shows a Fortnite streamer and rapper known as KeepUpRadio expressing pure joy upon seeing the Nicki bundle in the in-game shop. Other fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the representation of someone they can relate to, making the gaming experience much more enjoyable.

However, not everyone is pleased with the Nicki Minaj skin in Call of Duty. Some frustrated gamers, predominantly young boys, have expressed their dissatisfaction, triggering a response from the devoted Barbz fanbase. TikTok videos have emerged showing the clash between Nicki players and the opposition, with one player exclaiming, “Y’all wasted money on that?” The Barbz continue to prevail, however, celebrating their victories and laughing off the negativity.

Even the author of this article, a self-proclaimed Nicki Minaj fan, expressed excitement about finally being able to play as the iconic artist in Warzone. They share anecdotes of their experience, including memorable moments of taking down opponents while listening to Lil’ Kim’s “Lighters Up” and receiving reactions from other players.

Adding to the overall immersive experience, Nicki Minaj personally recorded voice lines for the game, allowing players to hear her iconic catchphrases during gameplay. This inclusion has had a significant impact on the game’s appeal, as it now caters to a broader audience.

Call of Duty: Warzone is known for its intense battle royale action, but the addition of the Nicki Minaj operator skin has brought a new level of excitement and diversity to the game. Fans of the queen of rap can now fully immerse themselves in the world of Warzone, wreaking havoc with style and flair.


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