Amazon’s Fallout TV show, set to start streaming in 2024, has been shrouded in controversy after its promotional art sparked suspicions that it may have been AI-generated. The streaming giant unveiled the art in a tweet featuring a 1950s-style postcard from Los Angeles, California, with Vault Boy giving a thumbs-up. However, keen-eyed fans noticed several anomalies in the artwork, leading to speculation that artificial intelligence or sloppy Photoshop work was involved.

Some of the anomalies include a palm tree in front of a yellow building that appears disjointed, a woman with three legs and one disappearing into white flowers, a red taxi with backwards features, and a confusing central boulevard where the sidewalk is as wide as the street. Additionally, the background cars become increasingly messy and seem to be alternating patterns of blue and red.

The suspicions were initially voiced by a developer known as “Kenney,” who criticized Amazon for allegedly not hiring skilled artists. Kenney tweeted, “Amazon ($514 billion in revenue) is incapable of hiring an actual artist.” The developer’s observations sparked a discussion on social media, with many agreeing that the artwork appeared to be of low quality.

While it remains uncertain whether the art was AI-generated, Kenney expressed disappointment in Amazon for potentially relying on AI instead of hiring talented artists. “It’s a shame that Amazon took the cheapest route by generating the artwork without even taking the time to do any sort of quality control,” Kenney told Kotaku.

Amazon and Bethesda, the game studio behind the Fallout series, have not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

The Fallout TV show, helmed by Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of Westworld, completed filming earlier this year. Little is known about the series, apart from its separation from the main storyline of the popular post-apocalyptic RPG game. IGN, after viewing a closed-doors teaser, expressed that the production values appeared high and the visual effects impressive.

The controversy surrounding the Fallout TV show’s promotional art is further compounded by ongoing strikes in the Hollywood industry. Writers and actors are currently on strike, protesting against streaming royalties and the use of AI in filmmaking, including by Amazon. The Writers Guild of America recently released a report accusing streaming giants, including Amazon, of anti-competitive practices. These strikes have now surpassed the 100-day mark.


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