Ever since Nintendo announced that Charles Martinet, the longtime voice of Mario, would be stepping back from the role, fans have been eagerly anticipating who would take over the iconic character’s voice. In a surprising turn of events, British television actor Ben Starr recently auditioned for the role in a bone-chillingly epic video.

Starr, known for his superb performance as hero Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy XVI, showcased his talent and versatility in the unsolicited audition video. The video features Clive, a battle-hardened character, walking through modern-day Brooklyn while delivering intense lines disparaging Italians, capturing the essence of a gritty Mario. The audition quickly gained attention on social media platforms.

In the audition video, Starr flawlessly delivers Mario’s famous catchphrase, “It’s-a me, Mario,” infusing it with menace and dropping F-bombs for added impact. Many have praised Starr’s audition, proclaiming that Chris Pratt, the voice actor confirmed by Nintendo, could never match Starr’s performance. Fans have even begun campaigning for Clive Rosfield to be included in the next installment of Super Smash Bros.

Despite Starr’s captivating audition, Nintendo has already chosen a new voice actor for Mario. The mysterious performer will be credited in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a forthcoming platformer set to launch in October. However, Nintendo has chosen not to reveal the identity of the new voice actor ahead of time, leaving fans in suspense. It remains unknown if this new voice actor will continue to portray Mario in future sequels and spin-offs or if other characters like Wario will receive dedicated voice actors.

In the meantime, Charles Martinet, the beloved voice of Mario for many years, has been receiving tributes online for his iconic “Wahoos” and “Yippies.” It is unclear whether Martinet decided to retire voluntarily or faced contract negotiation difficulties with Nintendo. Although Martinet did not voice Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, he had an excellent cameo. Fans hope that Martinet will have the opportunity to return for future projects involving the character.

As the search for the new voice of Mario continues, Ben Starr’s audition video has ignited excitement and speculation among fans. The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game is set to introduce a fresh take on the beloved character, leaving fans eager to discover the voice behind one of gaming’s most iconic figures.


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