Aspiring professionals and college students across the Philippines received exciting news as the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) unveiled the top ten high-paying jobs in the country for the year 2022. The findings, based on the 2022 Occupational Wages Survey, offer valuable insights for those seeking lucrative career options.

In addition to spotlighting these well-compensated professions, the PSA’s comprehensive survey shed light on wage trends across various benchmark occupations. Accounting and bookkeeping clerks, for example, experienced a notable salary increase of 9.3%, with an average monthly wage of ₱19,676 in 2022. Unskilled workers in elementary occupations also saw a rise in earnings, receiving ₱12,276 per month, reflecting a 5.9% increase from 2020.

Here are the top ten highest-paying occupations in the Philippines for the year 2022:

  1. Aircraft Pilots and Related Associate Professionals – ₱135,363
  2. Software Developers – ₱70,595
  3. Mathematicians and Actuaries – ₱69,654
  4. Production Supervisors and General Foremen – ₱63,017
  5. Applications Programmers – ₱58,643
  6. Specialist Medical Practitioners – ₱57,476
  7. Statisticians – ₱51,607
  8. Medical Doctors/Generalist Medical Practitioners – ₱51,251
  9. Geologists – ₱49,059
  10. Accountants – ₱48,982

The survey encompassed 16,057 formal establishments with a workforce of at least 20 employees nationwide. Data was collected on wage rates across 193 monitored occupations spanning 72 industries. Full-time workers enjoyed an average monthly wage rate of ₱18,423, reflecting an impressive 11.7% increase from the ₱16,486 average recorded in 2020.

The PSA’s data also unveiled a remarkable trend that deviates from the traditional gender wage gap in the workforce. Female workers emerged as frontrunners, with a median monthly income of ₱14,916, surpassing their male counterparts who earned ₱14,413 on average.

Furthermore, the median basic pay for full-time employees in all industries surged to ₱14,588 per month in 2022, marking a substantial 6.9% increase from 2020 figures. Among the 18 major industries scrutinized in the survey, twelve exceeded the median wage rate. Workers in the electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply industry continued to enjoy the highest median monthly income at ₱29,928.

These insights from the 2022 Occupational Wages Survey provide valuable guidance for individuals navigating career choices and labor market trends in the Philippines. Whether you’re considering a career change or just starting your educational journey, the PSA’s findings offer a glimpse into the most financially rewarding paths in the nation’s job market.


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