A new scam involving sextortion is circulating, where scammers falsely claim to have an explicit video of you uploaded to YouPorn and demand payment to remove it. Sextortion scams involve scammers pretending to possess compromising images or videos and threatening to publish them unless they receive money. Previously, these scams involved hackers claiming to have infected your device and recorded sexual acts, but now they have expanded to include various email extortion schemes, such as hitman contracts, bomb threats, CIA investigations, ransomware installations, and threats of infecting your family with Coronavirus. Recently, a sextortion scam impersonating YouPorn was shared on Twitter, where the email claims to be from [email protected] and warns that the video will be published on the site in a week unless you request its removal. The email provides a link to remove the video for free, but the link is empty. Instead, the email presents paid options ranging from $199 to $1,399 to remove the video from YouPorn and their network of adult sites. The email advises making payment to a Bitcoin address. However, no payments have been made to the provided Bitcoin addresses so far. It is crucial to recognize that these emails are scams, and if you receive one, it is advised to delete it without making any payments.


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