Spanish High Court Upholds Three-Month Ban on Worldcoin Cryptocurrency Platform

The Spanish High Court has upheld a three-month ban on the controversial digital identity and cryptocurrency platform Worldcoin, following a decision by the country’s data regulator. The ban was imposed due to concerns over privacy and the processing of personal data, particularly related to biometrics.

The Spanish Data Protection Agency imposed the ban after receiving multiple complaints about Worldcoin’s lack of transparency in handling the personal data of Spanish citizens, including minors. The regulator expressed worries about the collection and processing of biometrics data, which it deemed a high risk to individuals’ rights.

Worldcoin, founded by OpenAI’s Sam Altman, has faced criticism and scrutiny since its launch. The company utilizes decentralized iris-scanning technology for identity verification and claims to be the “world’s largest identity and financial public network.” Users are required to scan their irises with a device called an Orb to create a unique World ID for authentication purposes.

In response to the ban, Worldcoin accused the Spanish regulator of bypassing GDPR procedures and making inaccurate claims about the company. Despite an appeal from Worldcoin, the Spanish High Court upheld the temporary ban, stating it was necessary to protect personal data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Worldcoin has also been under investigation by data regulators in France, Germany, the UK, and Argentina for its data processing practices. The company maintains that it operates lawfully and has cooperated with authorities to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

As of now, Worldcoin has not provided any further comments on the situation.


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