Taiwan Urges Largest Telecom Company to Enhance Cybersecurity After Data Breach

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has called on Chunghwa Telecom, the island’s largest telecom company, to bolster its cybersecurity measures following a recent data breach that exposed government-related information.

The breach, which reportedly involved hackers believed to have links to the Chinese government, resulted in the theft of 1.7TB of data from Chunghwa Telecom. The stolen data has since been offered for sale on the Dark Web.

On March 1, the Defense Ministry confirmed the breach to the news agency AFP. Taiwanese officials released a statement saying, “The initial analysis of this case is that hackers obtained Chunghwa Telecom’s sensitive information and sold it on the dark web, including documents from the armed forces, foreign affairs ministry, coast guard and other units.” They clarified that no confidential information was compromised.

“We have asked the contractor involved to strengthen its information security control to prevent any further incidents,” the statement added. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry is working to address the breach and enhance cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive government data.


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