A ransomware gang has recently targeted two government institutions, causing significant disruptions and data breaches. The city of Gondomar in Portugal experienced a cyberattack, leading to the shutdown of systems and the involvement of national cybersecurity agencies. This resulted in the suspension of online government services for the week, forcing residents to visit in person for their needs.

The municipality’s email systems remained down, hampering communication with residents. The Rhysida ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the attack and shared stolen documents on their leak site. Prospect Medical Holdings, a US hospital group, also fell victim to the gang, causing ambulance diversions.

The gang has targeted various governments worldwide, including Kuwait, Chile, and Martinique. Additionally, the Dominican Republic’s Migration Agency suffered a cyberattack, resulting in data theft. The agency’s systems were not encrypted during the attack, and the gang demanded a ransom of 25 BTC for the stolen information. The Rhysida gang, named after centipedes, emerged in May 2023 with limited information available about their operations.


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