The Pegasus spyware has been installed on the phones of several journalists in Togo by cyberattackers. According to Reporters Without Borders, the Togo government utilized the spyware until 2021, and evidence suggests that at least 23 spyware intrusions occurred on one of Loïc Lawson’s phones between Feb. 1 and July 10 of that year. Anani Sossou, a freelance journalist, experienced a similar intrusion on his phone on Oct. 25, 2021. Additionally, three other journalists in Togo were identified as potential Pegasus targets in 2021. The Pegasus spyware, created by Israeli company NSO Group, enables controllers to access and extract data from a compromised mobile device, intercept and transmit messages, emails, media files, passwords, and detailed location information without the user’s knowledge. It has been used to surveil other journalists and politicians.


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