Nonprofit organizations World Vision Philippines and Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF) are joining forces to support farmers in innovating and increasing productivity in the agriculture sector. Through projects like the Agricultural Innovation Development (AID) and Balik Panguma Initiative, these NGOs are equipping farmers with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in agribusiness.

In 2023, World Vision Philippines and NWTF received a $500,000 grant from the Citi Foundation’s Global Innovation Challenge to scale up their operations and make a bigger impact. The aim is to address social and economic challenges in low-income communities by promoting food security and financial stability for impoverished families.

World Vision Philippines is focused on supporting poor farming households through Project AID, which involves introducing smart farming technologies and diversifying income sources for farmers. They are also partnering with universities to educate youth on smart farming techniques.

On the other hand, NWTF is implementing the Balik Paguma Initiative to educate communities on agricultural best practices and ensure a consistent food supply. The grant will allow them to expand their network of partners and provide training to farmers on new technologies and farming methods.

Both organizations are committed to creating long-term solutions for farmers, promoting entrepreneurship, and improving food security in their respective communities. Through these initiatives, World Vision Philippines and NWTF are paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for farmers in the Philippines.


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