Thousands of New Jersey Law Enforcement Personnel Sue Data Broker for Retaliation

More than 18,000 individuals associated with New Jersey law enforcement have filed a class action lawsuit against LexisNexis Risk Data Management, LLC. The lawsuit alleges that after they requested their information to remain private, the data broker retaliated by freezing their credit and falsely reporting them as identity theft victims.

The lawsuit claims that in December and January, LexisNexis punished law enforcement personnel who requested information to be taken down by launching a campaign to freeze their credit reports and falsely label them as identity theft victims. This action has allegedly resulted in permanent damage to their credit histories.

This lawsuit comes after a separate class action lawsuit filed in February, where LexisNexis was among 118 data brokers sued for failing to acknowledge takedown requests made by 20,000 New Jersey law enforcement personnel. These individuals sought to have their personal data removed from the internet under Daniel’s Law, a New Jersey law that protects the privacy of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and their family members.

Despite the legal obligation to promptly lift credit freezes upon request, the lawsuit alleges that LexisNexis has not done so. The plaintiffs claim that the data broker continued to publish and make available their personal information, including home addresses and comprehensive reports on family members, despite freezing their credit and falsely reporting them as victims of identity theft.

LexisNexis has not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the lawsuit. The plaintiffs believe that the data broker’s actions are part of an unlawful effort to deter compliance with Daniel’s Law, causing substantial and ongoing harm to those affected.


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