China’s ride-sharing giant, Didi Chuxing, has introduced a new service that allows citizens in 250 regions of the country to use their digital yuan (CBDC) coins to rent motorcycles. The service is provided through Didi Chuxing’s affiliate, Didi Qingjue, which operates a motorcycle-sharing app.

Previously, Didi Chuxing affiliates offered CBDC payment options for bicycles and ride-hailing services similar to Uber. Users in the pilot zone can now select the e-CNY as a payment option in the Didi Chuxing app and easily make CBDC payments when renting motorbikes. Didi Chuxing was one of the first private transport operators to participate in the e-CNY project, collaborating with the Digital Currency Research Institute of the central People’s Bank of China.

The company aims to promote the application of the digital yuan in the travel sector and provide more payment options for its customers. Chinese public transport operators have also been actively using the CBDC, with e-CNY payments being accepted on bus routes, city metros, and inter-city rail networks. Chinese banks have developed digital yuan-powered supply chain financing solutions utilizing e-CNY smart contract technology.


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